Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Iran Invasion

Yesterday's attack on the Iranian Embassy came as no surprise to anyone... It was just, shocking.

I got out of bed and while showering, the blast took place. Got out of the shower and found 101 missed calls and whatsapps and FB messages checking on me. I don't live with my parents in Jnah anymore, but my friends were checking up on me all the same, which was awesome of them.

My issue is not with the politics. I don't know and can't even fathom a solution to the main Lebanese issue that causes all of this; which is an issue of identity. What do the Lebanese people want to be?! My only solution is nuking Lebanon with a gamma bomb that will exterminate all current Lebanese residents and having the slightly more aware Lebanese expats attempt at building an identity. As gamma bombs are producers of radiation solely, Sky Bar and Zaituna Bay will be intact. The expats have nothing to fear.

My issue, however, is with the feeling of numbness. The blast happened just a couple of blocks from where my parents live and scores of people died. Yet it was last week's images of the typhoon's destruction and the survivors in Philippines which moved me more. Have we totally become numb here in Lebanon? Have the expectations of the Syrian war spilling over prepared us for this? Is it the fact that half the people who still live here have witnessed this during the civil war and have become immune to it? Is it that the skirmishes here and there over the last decade have set our psyche to a we-live-in-a-war-zone-but-we-don't tune?

I don't know.

But I know that we all need therapy... 

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  1. We need.. beyond therapy!

    It is such a sad planet to live in :(


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