Friday, May 24, 2013

Customizable Roads in Lebanon

You know how much I love driving in this "country."

This post is about how lovely it is, that you can design your own roads in Lebanon. Along with all the tables, chairs, cement blocks, metallic rails protecting their highnesses, blocked roads, scenes of fighting, cars parked on pavements, cart sellers, etc, there's a new road trend now!

If it bothers you that a road bump could slow you down by 2-3 seconds, you could just remove it!

The below pic is a bump on my way back from work. The road bump was offending someone apparently... So they removed enough, not to have to worry about it! #love!


  1. ديمقراطية و اللا لأ! يا متعلمين يا بتوع المدارس!

    يا حزرك كم بدو وقت + من فلوس مين عملية تزبيط هالشي؟


    1. Haitham, I'm not sure what exactly your comment means.. Do explain?

    2. democracy = to do what any1 sees fit!

      يا متعلمين يا بتوع المدارس = a quote from
      مدرسة المشاغبين

      in case the bump gets mended, it`s going to be from tax-payers sweet money (again!) which brings back the democracy line above

      Thanks for showing me (more) I don`t have a sense of humor + any communication skills :P


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