Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Unlike many bloggers, I don't blog much... If you check Google Reader, it'll tell you that I blog on an average of 1.something posts per week.... That's not much compared to people who blog on daily basis and others who multiple-blog per day (where you people get your stamina from is beyond me...)

However, yesterday's news about the ten worst countries to blog in, made me realize how much I take my freedom of speech and my country's liberties for granted... As I type, I am neighbored by two countries (Syria and Egypt) who made it on the list of worst countries... Bloggers there have been imprisoned to say the least, but reports from Egypt have documented incidents of torture and terror for the imprisoned bloggers... (what happens in Syrian jails is beyond me)... 

I live in an unstable country with highly unstable people running it (or attempting to run it)... But I can safely call wanna-be presidents idiots; I can safely call our version of Mullas power hungry hate spreading clerics, and I can safely call most of our politicians fugalist crooks whose last concern is that of the people... And then I can safely walk the streets of Beirut (well not safely this time last year) not worrying about secret police (hell not worrying about any police) wanting to hunt me down cause I insulted someone up there... 

I should definitely not take this freedom for granted...


  1. never argue with a pig! If u do,u will both get filthy! but the diff. is the pig will Luuv it!!!

  2. Sometimes we need to count our blessings - regardless of how hard done by we think we are :-)

  3. Here's to calling politicians names and walking free!

    heck, here's to just walking by and strolling in Lebanon (I miss Beyrouth, in case it doesn't show..)


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