Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Iran Invasion

Yesterday's attack on the Iranian Embassy came as no surprise to anyone... It was just, shocking.

I got out of bed and while showering, the blast took place. Got out of the shower and found 101 missed calls and whatsapps and FB messages checking on me. I don't live with my parents in Jnah anymore, but my friends were checking up on me all the same, which was awesome of them.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recycling & Co.

Ever since I moved out of my parents' and got my own place, I tried to be as green as possible in my house.... That's partly why the a/c never goes off even though I spend 14-16 hours outside of the house! (Bite me, it gets stuffy and the a/c is a piece of crap).


So ever since I got my own place, I've collected all the glass bottles that I've used (mainly a certain green kind and a few Russian long transparent ones too) for recycling. I know that here in Lebanon we don't recycle officially, although I think Sukleen separates the garbage it collects into organic and non-organic and later further separates the non-organic waste which I hope they recycle or something, but I have decided to do my part and let the system handle the rest. 

How you ask? Or you don't? I will share with you anyways! 

So you'll notice that along with the common green garbage containers that are found on every street (for some reason they're on the streets instead of being put on the pavement, robbing us from valuable parking spots sometimes) there are those larger round bins that are dedicated to recycling.

I always used to drive to the ones on the Sodeco Square corner but realized that there are a couple right next to where I live. So the last batch was pretty easy to get rid of! One thing I do NOT get though is why the hole is so small. As you can see from the pic below, the latest batch, as with all of them, is made up of numerous bottles. When I throw them in one by one, they tend to break (which I hope isn't a problem, because I'm not building a pulley based mechanism kamena to get rid of my garbage!!) and take forever. So they'd make our lives a lot easier if they make the hole bigger...


The point of this blog post was the following: we may not have separated garbage bins in our homes and outside our buildings, but if we put a little effort, we could do our part for the environment, by just separating the garbage ourselves and throwing them in their designated areas. Also, traction in this matter will force the system to give recycling more attention! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Customizable Roads in Lebanon

You know how much I love driving in this "country."

This post is about how lovely it is, that you can design your own roads in Lebanon. Along with all the tables, chairs, cement blocks, metallic rails protecting their highnesses, blocked roads, scenes of fighting, cars parked on pavements, cart sellers, etc, there's a new road trend now!

If it bothers you that a road bump could slow you down by 2-3 seconds, you could just remove it!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Phones Smuggled to Lebanon

An article is going viral on Facebook about how the Ministry of Economy & Trade and the Ministry of Telecommunication & Post are planning on stifling the illegal smuggling of mobile phones to Lebanon.

Basically, starting June, any mobile phone that connects to the networks, whose serial number is not registered in their DB will not be allowed to connect to this network. As said, the measure targets the illegal smuggling of cell phones through non-official channels. 

I can see people outraged on Facebook (and even by e-mail). I cannot see why!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Windows Phone Store (Lebanon and beyond...)

With Nokia Lebanon finally launching the Windows Phone 8 line in Lebanon, I think this post is appropriate.

When I first bought my Lumia 920 (from Saudi!), I had a heart attack. I was downloading the basic apps but I couldn't find Foursquare, and I KNOW that Foursquare was there. After pounding the Store and whatnot, I realized that I was searching in the Lebanon Store and it had almost no apps in it. Well it did have apps, but those trash items are not worthy of the title. 

BUT, worry not, there's hope!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Time Out Beirut Nightlife Awards - 2012

So the very nice people at Time Out Beirut decided to send me an invite to their Nightlife Awards of 2012. Basically, of many many candidates, the finest of the restos, pubs and clubs and everything to do with nightlife were selected and awarded based on the people's votes (20,000 online votes) and a set of critic's choice.

Friday, November 16, 2012


You have to give credit where credit is worth!!!

SGBL have finally updated their ATMs' software to give you the option of NOT printing receipts.

Trees and Sukleen garbage collectors have been reported to sleep better since!!!